Your Ideal Day at the Beach

What does a beach day mean to you? Are you laying in the sun taking in the rays? Carving up the waves on a surfboard? Building an imaginary kingdom out of sand? Or simply using the water as a way to cool off as you enjoy the fresh ocean air? No way of enjoying the beach is superior to another and at the core of each use for the beach is freedom and calmness. The rays soothe the sun-bathers, the surfers find freedom amongst the waves, the kingdom builders are free to mould the sand to their imagination and the laissez-faire beachgoers find calmness in the ocean breeze and brisk water. 

I wanted to capture the freedom and calmness beach and ocean life creates with this charcuterie board. This one of a kind charcuterie board is based on a live edge piece of walnut wood. Walnut wood is known for its dark and rich heartwood which is surrounded by the lighter sapwood that takes and carries nutrients for the tree. The inner heartwood personifies the easy-going and grounded calmness of beach life while the outer sapwood personifies the freedom of ocean life and its treasures like surfing. On this particular charcuterie board, the lines between the heartwood and sapwood are more blurred and just like the perfect beach day it gives a sense of freedom and calmness. 

- Taura

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