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The 'Perfect' Beach

(Source) I got the inspiration for this charcuterie board from sand and beaches coming in all different shapes and sizes. One beach that has always caught my eye is Rockaway beach located in Pacifica, California. This beach is not the idealized pure white sand beach that sprawls as far as the eye can see. Rockaway beach challenges that ideal; its sand is not pure white, it is chocolate brown and in the distance, it’s not sprawling sand but a defined and ridged landscape. While this might not have been the Californian beach you dreamed of it should be the one you desire. The unique chocolate brown sand is actually “due to limestone erosion mixing with volcanic greenstone” (Source) and its rocky...

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Where Does Your Imagination Take You?

  The age old saying ‘art is in the eye of the beholder’ has stayed prominent because of its truth. However, not many people have looked too deep into the quote. Art is not necessarily in the eye but the heart of the beholder. An art piece that is just pleasant to look at is nice but a piece that evokes emotions and memories is magnificent.  This specific charcuterie board is unconventional because there is no beach with purple waves to draw memories from. Since purple waves only crash upon beaches in your dreams.  For me, the purple waves offer a more grandeur tone than the expected blue and are a reminder of the freedom and calmness that comes with...

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Your Ideal Day at the Beach

What does a beach day mean to you? Are you laying in the sun taking in the rays? Carving up the waves on a surfboard? Building an imaginary kingdom out of sand? Or simply using the water as a way to cool off as you enjoy the fresh ocean air? No way of enjoying the beach is superior to another and at the core of each use for the beach is freedom and calmness. The rays soothe the sun-bathers, the surfers find freedom amongst the waves, the kingdom builders are free to mould the sand to their imagination and the laissez-faire beachgoers find calmness in the ocean breeze and brisk water.  I wanted to capture the freedom and calmness beach...

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