The 'Perfect' Beach


I got the inspiration for this charcuterie board from sand and beaches coming in all different shapes and sizes. One beach that has always caught my eye is Rockaway beach located in Pacifica, California. This beach is not the idealized pure white sand beach that sprawls as far as the eye can see. Rockaway beach challenges that ideal; its sand is not pure white, it is chocolate brown and in the distance, it’s not sprawling sand but a defined and ridged landscape. While this might not have been the Californian beach you dreamed of it should be the one you desire. The unique chocolate brown sand is actually “due to limestone erosion mixing with volcanic greenstone” (Source) and its rocky shoulders have biking and hiking paths that allow viewers to get a new perspective. In a very authentic sense, this beach changes my ideal ‘perfect beach’. It’s unique sand and ambiance literally gives you a new view on beaches. 

I wanted to capture the unique vibe on wood, when I got this piece of walnut, I knew it would be perfect for a charcuterie board. Like Rockaway, this live edge cut of walnut features a rich chocolate brown center flanked by white ridges. You can almost feel the waves as they brush up on the chocolate sand. Walnut is also the perfect cut for this charcuterie board. The dark heartwood encompassed by the lighter sapwood embodies the same contradicting relationship found at Rockaway between the beach and rocky hills. Bring this unique Californian beach into your home with this live edge walnut charcuterie board.

- Taura

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