Taura Hanson Bio ImageTaura is a resin and alcohol ink artist based in Kingston, Ontario. She makes functional and beautiful one-of-a-kind conversation pieces for your home like charcuterie boards and lazy susans. Taura chooses charcuterie boards and lazy susans as her canvas because of their relationship to entertaining, sharing and family.

Resin is a challenging and rewarding medium to work with as it can be unpredictable and just like the ocean, forces the artist/surfer to 'go with the flow' so to speak. Reminiscent of a surfer, Taura’s process relies on constant creativity and the ability to embrace the ebbs and flow of the medium and work with it, not against it. Her ocean waves theme creates a sense of freedom and calmness, you can almost hear the waves rolling onto the shoreline.

She enjoys making items that bring people together and are used in a social setting such as charcuterie boards, coasters and lazy susans. Use them in your home or to simply add some beauty and conversation pieces to your decor. Every piece is hand made and one-of-a-kind. The wood is sustainably sourced and purchased locally from Stone City Woodworks. She uses high quality resins and  pigments that are made in Canada.